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2013 Mahboob Khan Outstanding Industry Liaison Award Winner: Ilko Schmadlak

Ilko Schmadlak, Freescale, was nominated by Georgia Tech Professor Suresh Sitaraman and (student) Sathyanarayanan “Sathya” Raghava. Ilko provided guidance through regular conference calls, which were scheduled during business hours for Ga Tech researchers and Freescale engineers in TX and AZ—but were at 9PM where he was in Germany! Ilko help to secure a 6-month internship at Freescale for Sathya in 2012 that was important for his (Sathya’s) professional development and in transferring the technical results.

New Paper Out

"Thermomechanical strain measurements by synchrotron x-ray diffraction and data interpretation for through-silicon vias", has been published online today, 10 July 2013, in Applied Physics Letters (Vol.103, Issue 2)