Post-Doctoral Research Fellows

Current Post-Doctoral Research Fellows

Research Engineer
Research Engineer

Post-Doctoral Research Fellows Alumni:

Hurang Hu, Ph.D.
NIST Microspring Studies
April 1999 – Sep. 2000
Yeong Kim , Ph.D.
ChipSeal Studies
October 2002– 2003
Xi Liu, PhD
Thermal and Mechanical Aspects of Microelectronic Systems
Sep. 2013 – 2015; jointly supervised with Bakir (ECE)
Raghuram Pucha, Ph.D.
Application of Commercial Electronics in Military
January 2000-June2005
Zhao Hui Shan , Ph.D.
Nanoindentation Studies and Material Characterization
January 2001 – 2003
Vish Sundararaman, Ph.D.
MCM-D and VSPA Studies
April 1997 – March 1999
Ju Xu, PhD

Ircset-Marie Curie Research Fellow

Nanowire Z axis interconnect
January 2011– 2012